The Suan Pakkad Palace Museum is situated at 352 - 354 Sri Ayudhya Road Bangkok. It was built by Major General Prince Chumbhot Bongse Paribatra, Krom Muen Nagara Svarga Sakdibinit known as Prince Chumbhot and his wife M.R.(Mom Rajawongse) Pantip Paribatra known as Princess Chumbhot in 1952, and consists of a group of traditional Thai houses that were dismantled and rebuilt. After Prince Chumbhot's death in 1959, his wife carried on the work. In 1987 she donated it to Chumbhot-Pantip Foundation. The museum complex comprises several traditional Thai houses, some of which belonged to Somdet Chao Phraya Barom Maha Phichaiyat, the founder of the family of Prince Paribatra Sukhumbhand's mother (Prince Chumbhot's grandmother). Most of the art objects on display belonged to Prince Chumbhot 's ancestor , the majority are from Thailand, some come from foreign countries. There are eight rebuilt Thai houses. The first one is situated at the front to the north, parallel to Sri Ayudhya Road, with a bridge connecting it to the second, third and fourth houses to the south. The fifth to the eight houses are located separately to the west. In addition, there is a lacquer pavilion, which is situated on the lawn at the far end to the south. The pavilion contains Ayudhya-style paintings in gold on black lacquer, which are in good condition. The Chumbhot-Pantip Building, which was constructed in 1993, houses the foundation office and provides room for art and cultural activities or exhibitions. The building features a conference room, a multi-purpose room, and a library for the interested public. House 8 and the Chumbhot-Pantip building also houses the Ban Chiang collection. House 7 a new Thai-style house, located next to Houses 5 and 6, is a Khon (masked play) house.




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