House 7 is the Khon Museum displaying several art forms and the crafts in the context of the great epic, "the Ramayana" which presents scene movement of Kumpakan. There are full-size khon masks, puppets, clay figurines. Audio-visual presentations and the computer kiosk are also available for interesting visitors.

               Khon, the classical masked dance, is charactized by the stoming leg movement of the male dancer enacting the monkey and domon characters. It has also influenced the creativity of artists in all disciplines.

Phra Ram

Phra Ram is a human prince. Who is green in complexion. He is an incarnation of Phra Narai.

Phra Lak

Phra Lak is a human prince with a golden complexion. He is the younger brother of Phra Ram.

Phra Phrot

Phra Phrot has a red, ruby-like complexion. He is one of Phra Ram's younger brothers.

Phra Satruit

Phra Satruit, son of Thao Thosarot and brother of Phra Ram.


Hanuman is a magical white monkey with crystalline hair and can yawn the moon and stars out of his mouth.


The senior monkey general in Phra Ram's semian army.


Sukrip is the son of Phra Athit and Kala Atchana, He is red in body colour.


Nilapad is shiny black in colour. He can use his powers to become a four-face and eight handed monkey.


Samanakha is as ugly as a demoness can be, but she can transform herself into the most beautiful lady. She is a younger sister of Thosakan.

Nang Sida

Nang Sida is an exceedingly beautiful woman, wife of Phra Ram.


Son of Phra In and Kala-Atchana. Pali is emerald green in colour.


Kumpakan is a green demon who can enlarge himself to any extent at will.


Thosakan has a green body, ten faces and twenty hands. He is imbued with magical powers and can transform himself into anything at will.


Pipek is green in colour. He is a youngest brother of Thosakan and is very clever.


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