House 2 displays some fine pieces of the family items belonged to their Royal Highnesses Prince and Princess Chumbhot of Nagara Svarga such as howdah, and book cabinets is painted in gold on black lacquer. On the wall, there are commemorative fans, concerning Paribatra family. In addition, there are traditional Thai furnitures, food container with cover, decorated with mother-of-pearl and ivory cover-boxes for lip-salve.



A bed
a rectangular pillow and a triangular pillow, a traditional gown and golden cloth for members of the royal family.


containers for lip wax and powder cases made of carved ivory.
         (Ecclesiastical) or monk's fan presented to monks by the Paribatra family.

            with cover which is made of wood, lacquered and decorated with mother-of-pearl in Thai designs.

Princess Chumbhot's collection of beautiful rock specimens found locally and abroad.




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